waina spar (Avondale west) waina spar (Avondale west) 20-25 waina spar (Avondale west)
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waina spar (Avondale west)

waina spar (Avondale west)

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General information

Name waina spar (Avondale west)

Year old



Contact Information

Phone 0787374591


English Any

Spanish Any

French Any

Portuguese Any

Japanese Any

Chinese Any

Russian Any

Italian Any

German Any

Arabic Any

Service Information

Oral sex without a condom YES

Oral sex with a condom YES

Vaginal sex YES

Anal sex NO

Treatment Wedding YES

Kisses YES

Hugs YES

Sex toys NO

Position 69 NO

Type Striptease Dance YES

Domination NO

Sex with partners YES

Participation in threes YES

Cumshots in the mouth NO

Costumes YES

Rates per hour of service

1 hour 25